The Godsend Institute is a fictional fertility clinic and practice, featured in the movie Godsend, specializing in the replication of cells for the purpose of creating life from life. Godsend Institute believes those with the power to grant or restore life have an obligation to our community and our world to share that power. Godsend has perfected a procedure by which a single cell could be used to create a genetically identical fetus – a fetus which could be carried to term and, in effect, be reborn.

An identical child down to the last chromosome on the last hair of his or her head.

Godsend is ranked among the leading fertility clinics and research facilities in the world. Godsend's resources are committed to providing exceptional patient care and facilitating continued breakthroughs in the fields of fertility and cell duplication. GI dedicates to shining the light of possibility where there is only darkness, and to bringing hope to those who have been abandoned by conventional medicine and those who practice it.

When all hope is lost, come to Godsend.

Dr. Richard Wells is hailed as one of the true visionaries in the field of fertility, and is widely considered to be the top genetic engineering researcher in the United States. He was one of the first scientists to suggest the positive effects of cloning technology on our planet's food supply and is highly respected in the medical community for his tireless work to better humanity. He is a three time winner of the prestigious Caldwell Award for Science and was a finalist for the Lyndon R. Robertson Prize in Fertility Research in 1989 and again in 1993.

He is a professor emeritus in the biology departments of three Ivy League universities and his groundbreaking studies have been published in Science, The Lancet and the Journal of the American Medical Association among others.

Dr. Wells founded the Godsend Institute, Fertility Clinic and Practice in 1994, with the stated aim of giving families chances that traditional medicine could not or would not afford them.

When not practicing medicine, Dr. Wells makes his home in Greenwich, Connecticut. He has no children.

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